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Enabling next-generation Web 3.0 technology powered financial infrastructure for the Metaverse era

Open Banking API's

Seamlessly connecting the Blockchain-based digital front end with the existing legacy core banking systems


Integrating decentralized finance protocols and DApps to facilitate an ecosystem of innovative P-2-P solutions


Empowering the modern Digital financial ecosystem with private sector / Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

About Us

Powering Digital Banking for the Metaverse era

The Metaverse - a rich, persistent, interactive experience featuring co-creation and fully functioning shared economies - is rapidly emerging and gaining mainstream adoption. It promises to transform the way users attend meetings, socialize, shop, play games, take classes, enjoy cultural experiences, and more. Analysts believe the total addressable market for the Metaverse could be between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, serving as many as 5 billion users. This will require a secure, robust, and scalable next-gen financial ecosystem underpinning it.

Ledger Banker blends leading DeFi practices and emerging Web3 technologies with existing financial systems to enable next-gen Digital Banking for the Metaverse era. Powered by a Gen-3 Blockchain, the platform securely wraps a set of DeFi and governance protocols and integrates with legacy financial apps to delivers a host of financial products and services in the Metaverse. The platform enables the tokenization of traditional financial products and the creation of all-new token-based digital finance offerings primed for this new immersive digital medium. Zero Trust security, multi-sig wallets, and integration with enterprise apps provides a secure and compliant way to deliver digital banking, payment and related next-gen financial services in the Metaverse.


How It All Comes Together

Why Ledger Banker

Digital Banking with a DeFi and Web3 advantage

Layering a distributed ledger atop existing financial systems and connecting the two via open banking API’s helps create an integrated digital financial platform. Modern DeFi principles and emerging Web3 technologies further empowers next-generation Digital Banking for the Metaverse.

Blockchain Enabled

Blockchain and Web3 technology as the foundation for Digital financial services in the Metaverse

DeFi Ecosystems

Smart contracts and decentralized finance protocols powering next generation digital financial services

Secure and Compliant

Enterprise-grade Zero Trust cybersecurity and all transactions immutably recorded on the Blockchain.


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The schematic architecture for Ledger Banker and how it all comes together.

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